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Girl Boss Tribe

Girlboss Tribe Structure, productivity, daily habits and practices allow you to pursue personal freedom. These daily things allow that compound effect. That over time creates excellence & growth & allows that freedom. If we don’t organize the best of ourselves to get the job done, we won’t have that freedom. We all have a vision, […]

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Transform 20

Transform 20 Week 1

Transform 20 Week 1 Its the second week of 2019 and its the first week in my Transform Yo Life Virtual Bootcamp! These ladies and gents are STEPPING IT UP and pushing hard these first few days. Some days have been intense cardio on (or off) the step.  It may only be 20 minutes but […]

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avocado burger

Avocado Burgers

Avocado Burgers   Its 2018 so by now you know the health crave over avocados…..just scroll on IG and all you will see is avocado toast, avocado pudding and more…. I admit I used to HATE them (gasp) now I eat at least 1 whole avocado a day. Avocados offer so many health benefits. It […]

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80 Day Obsession Results Phase 1

  Have you ever felt like you needed a change? I workout daily and I love my workouts thanks BOD but I was ready for something different…..   Well not only did we start a new year, we launched a new workout. 80 Day Obsession and it peaked my interest. I still got to use […]

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Get Obsessed

GET OBSESSED   Its a new year  and while that does not mean it needs to be a brand new YOU it certainly can mean an IMPROVED you. I know it means an IMPROVED ME! Im on a mission to GET OBSESSED. In my fitness, my business, my relationships, my faith, and how I feel […]

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2017 reflection

2017 Reflection

2017 Reflection   When you look back at 2017: What was your happiest moment? – mine was my wedding 👰🏻 What little things did u enjoy most? – time with my mom planning my wedding ,time with my besties, marrying the love of my life,lil bro getting engaged ,taking a trip of a lifetime aka honeymoon […]

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dear younger me

Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me Dear younger me… To the girl who used to want to fit in, its better to stand out. To the girl who cared if people liked you, those who are worth your time will love you regardless, those who don’t are not worth a second thought. To the girl who wondered what […]

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