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Growing Up I Wanted To Be….

Growing Up I Wanted To Be…. It’s okay to dabble … Did you always know what you wanted to be? From the time I was in 2nd grade I wanted to be a teacher. A side from babysitting my first job was a concession girl at the movie theater 🎭 I knew I for sure DID NOT […]

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strength comes from overcoming

Strength comes from overcoming things you thought you could not do! Strength comes from overcoming things you thought you couldn’t do… ✔️get into college & graduate (Not a good student) ✔️stop being a slave to a scale  (Overcame an eating disorder) ✔️Move to a new state 7 hours away ( I was/am a home body) […]

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Dear younger me

Dear Younger Me

If I could tell my younger self these 8 things I would….. Today started like most of my Monday’s. Wake up, drink coffee, head to the gym and teach my favorite insanity class. If you workout you know you get a “HIGH” from it. If you are a fitness instructor, you know there is a […]

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Made for greatness

When in doubt…..you were made for greatness

When doubt & overwhelm creep in, remember you were made for greatness… ♥ I remember feeling like the biggest disappointment …. I went to school to become a teacher. I had to sub for a while instead of landing a full time job. So I wondered Was I not good enough? I got my masters […]

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Here’s to the Crazy Ones & Late Bloomers

Here’s to the Crazy Ones & Late Bloomers Are you like me and developed late? My mom knew from the time I was tiny that I would be a late bloomer. I have just always had a way of doing things, excelling at things on MY TIME. I was not good in school, it was […]

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Back to school routine…are you on track?

Today’s Lesson: Are you back to routine ready? Are you ready to put YOURSELF first so that you can give all of yourself to your responsibilities as a parent (juggling homework, school activities, after school sports, dance and band practices and of course play dates), as an employee with projects and deadlines, as a spouse […]

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3 day refresh- day 1

Today’s Lesson- Its only 3 days I was super excited when beach body announced at our annual coach summit in Vegas a few weeks ago a new product to offer our amazing customers. Its called the 3 day refresh. Its a healthy way to jump start weight loss or fitness routine. Its a healthy way […]

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Beachbody Coach Summit= Greatest Place on Earth

Beachbody Coach Summit Many of you have been following me on here, my newsletter and on facebook or instagram. So you saw for weeks I was talking about how excited I was to workout with the top fitness trainers again. Guess what, yup it happened. Hold up it not only happened, but during an INSANITY […]

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Trusting Gods plans

Todays lesson: Gods plans are always better than my plans. Learning to trust him through the process.   My whole life I have had to work at trusting God’s plans. You think after 30 years I would learn, but this type A need for control, has a hard time letting go. Especially when God’s plans […]

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Paleo Chocolate Strawberry Beet Brownies

Todays lesson: Beets are a secret SWEET ingredient   OK, I have been reading more and more about Paleo living the last several months. I have also searched through dozens of recipes. One thing I learned, in many of the baked good recipes, BEETS are a sweet special ingredient. I just started eating beets last […]

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FODMAPs, IBS, Trigger Foods & More

Today’s lesson: You learn something new every day. Do you know what FODMAPs are? Do you know some IBS triggers?   So when I first started to read the book It Starts with Food, I came across the term FODMAPs. I had no idea what that was. Obviously it’s an acronym; Fermentable Oligo-, Di- and […]

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Where do you draw the line- simple steps to change your health, thinking and life

Today’s lesson: Where do you draw the line?   Where do you draw the line? This was the main message in church yesterday. Now all you followers before you hit DELETE and start unfollowing me, hear me out. Yes this was a church message, but my challenge to you is where does this apply in […]

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Simple turkey dinner and fixings without all the work

Today’s lesson: Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving   What’s your favorite holiday? I know I know it’s the middle of March and we are begging for spring or summer after the long cold too much snow winter. Well, for a week I have been craving fresh cooked Turkey. So, if that doesn’t give it […]

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Kid Friendly Mini Pizza’s that are healthy

Today’s lesson: There is almost always a healthy alternative to not so healthy comfort food   Since it is Throw Back Thursday, I started to think of some yummy and fun dishes my mom made for us kids. Now I didn’t come from the healthiest home, but with a few tweaks this is a great […]

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