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Beachbody Coach Summit 2016

Beachbody Coach Summit 2016 in Nashville was awesome! Have you ever had a passion, a dream, a community of people who just support you and believe in you and want to do what you are doing? Yea I feel you. I never had that until Beachbody coaching. I met others who LOVED fitness or knew […]

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Smart Success Live 2016

Smart Success for Business and Life My experience at smart success…. From finding balance, the right mindset, establishing systems and habits, focusing on specific tasks to move the business forward, living a designed life, establishing TRIGGERS, the importance of the brain, 5 musts to reach success and high performance, how to make life amazing, policies, […]

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Beachbody Coach Summit= Greatest Place on Earth

Beachbody Coach Summit Many of you have been following me on here, my newsletter and on facebook or instagram. So you saw for weeks I was talking about how excited I was to workout with the top fitness trainers again. Guess what, yup it happened. Hold up it not only happened, but during an INSANITY […]

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