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80 day obsession

No Excuses Fitness Motivation

No Excuses Fitness Motivation When you really want something you will find a way. When you don’t REALLY want something you will find an excuse! I wanted to hit snooze on my 🚨 but if you know me you know I do not skip leg day! I had a member of my 6am insanity class say they […]

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women supporting women

Women Supporting Women

Why don’t more woman just support each other… I’ve talked to many woman the past 2 weeks and a common theme is judgement Heres my take: You want babies or you don’t want babies I respect that. You like dogs or you like cats I support you. You want to get married or you don’t […]

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Ab exercises with sliders

Ab exercises with strength sliders Who doesn’t love finding new ways to train your core? I know I love finding new exercises. Since I’ve been doing this 80 day glutes and ab strength training program with some awesome ladies, I have found even more ways to target my core. Give some of these moves a […]

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stronger than your excuses

Be stronger than your excuses

BE STRONGER THAN YOUR EXCUSES   Exhausted ….. Sore ….. It’s cold ……. I can list many excuses that went through my head this morning as I hit snooze twice  But NONE of those excuses are STRONGER than the benefits of working out and my goals 👌🏻 So I’m up and it’s glute day aka booty day! […]

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80 Day Obsession Results Phase 1

  Have you ever felt like you needed a change? I workout daily and I love my workouts thanks BOD but I was ready for something different…..   Well not only did we start a new year, we launched a new workout. 80 Day Obsession and it peaked my interest. I still got to use […]

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Get Obsessed

GET OBSESSED   Its a new year  and while that does not mean it needs to be a brand new YOU it certainly can mean an IMPROVED you. I know it means an IMPROVED ME! Im on a mission to GET OBSESSED. In my fitness, my business, my relationships, my faith, and how I feel […]

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leg workout

Lower Body Push

Lower Body Push Through The Burn Show up for yourself daily Push through the burn, that’s when it’s working most Push through the mind that says stop this is challenging, that’s where mental strength comes from. Push through other people’s opinions of your fit life, they are not working toward YOUR goals.😝 Push through the […]

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Healthy Holiday Survival Tips

Healthy Holiday Survival Tips I know its Christmas weekend, last minute shopping, dozens of holiday parties and then the big family meal. Whats a fit chick to do????? Breathe. Enjoy the holidays and time catching up with old friends and distant relatives and Nana’s famous chocolate cake. You can do all that and not completely […]

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the struggle is real

The Struggle Is Real

The Struggle Is Real But So Are The Results Not everyday is the motivation flowing, some days you just have to do it anyway! The struggle is real but so are the results. You committed to a workout…. You committed to an accountability group…. You committed to a goal…. You know what quitting feels like […]

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