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Cardio and strength workout

Cardio and Strength Workout

Cardio and Strength Training Workout   It’s still quarantine time so yay for more home workouts. This one is an oldie but goodie. You can do it without weights, with water bottles or canned goods in place of weights. Each exercise is 30 seconds 15 second rest. Complete twice or for a bigger burn complete […]

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Lower Body Workout For Women

Attitude Of Gratitude

Attitude Of Gratitude Do you have an attitude of gratitude? For your body? For your health? Instead of saying I HAVE to workout – be thankful you have the opportunity, limbs that lift and jump and bend. You GET to move your body in ways others only dream of. Instead of I HAVE to eat […]

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Upper Body Workout

Just Move

Just move. Doesn’t have to be perfect. Your outfits doesn’t have to match. Your hair can be a mess. Just move. My body needed something easier today since I’m teaching 2 P90X classes tonight…. I opted for a 30 minute upper body routine and some Pilates since my hamstrings are still sore AF! Give each […]

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I REGRET THAT WORKOUT- said no one ever I didn’t sleep much last night, I overslept both alarms and I was tired. I contemplated just sleeping in. Then I said nah I’ll nap if I’m tired. I got up and pushed for a 30 minute plyo with weights workout.?? Guess what? I’m more energized now […]

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21 day fitness challenge

Fitness Challenge- 21 days love yourself fitness challenge

Are you ready to LOVE yourself? Are you ready to make some HEALTHY habits? Are you ready to DITCH some unhealthy habits? Are you ready to start LOVING yourself and putting your health first? Are you ready for a NEW CHANGE or to get over a PLATEAU? We will focus on getting a workout in […]

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Meal Prep 101

Meal Prep 101- how to set up a healthy week Hey everyone, maybe you are wanting to clean up your nutrition, maybe you are apart of one of my challenge groups, maybe you are starting the 21 day fix with me or you are just wanting to set up some better systems to set you […]

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21 Day Fix Extreme Results

21 Day Fix Extreme Results If you have followed me, you know last year in February 2014 I started the 21 day fix when it first launched. Mind changing. I realized I was eating too much fruit. I also realized my portion sizes were a bit off. I started living by this lifestyle. Its not […]

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iFIT- Get fit from your phone fitness challenge

Get fit from your phone Yes I am serious. Think about it. You google workout moves, you scan pinterest for ideas and NOW you can get a WHOLE workout, correction over a DOZEN workouts on your phone, laptop or tablet. Literally any device that hooks up to the internet. I am super excited to find […]

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Bikini Body Challenge- Summer is around the corner

Bikini Body Challenge- Summer is coming are you ready? I know I know its winter now, and an extra snowy one at that.  But summer really is coming around the corner. Just think its almost the end of February. The months are flying by, life is moving at lightning speed so trust me when I […]

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