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Muscle Burns Fat Legday

Muscle Burns Fat
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Muscle Burns Fat Leg Day


Our newest fitness program, Muscle Burns Fat has launched, to coaches (me) and to those who sign up as VIP discount members. It will launch to all customers on July 26. I will officially start the program with several girls in my Fit For Life group on Monday but I have been testing out week 1 workouts this week. I am loving it.

So lets chat about what is Muscle Burns Fat

Muscle Burns Fat

Megan Davies is our newest super trainer. She actually won a Trainer Competition reality series beachbody hosted a few years ago. I have been eagerly waiting for her to have the spotlight and her own program.

That time is now and she truly brought it with Muscle Burns fat.

The program is broken up into two 3 week sessions. Muscle Burns Fat workouts are  25- to 35-minute weightlifting and cardio workouts. The goal is to get you ready to roll into the second 3 weeks of #mbfa, Muscle Burns Fat Advanced, where Megan dials-up the intensity, challenges, and workout length.

The workouts are set to the music beat, so you know the level of intensity Megan wants from you, and the intensity you’ll need to help you get maximum results. You’ll do both symmetrical and asymmetrical training—for some moves, you’ll use two dumbbells, and for others you’ll use just one to purposely put your body off-balance and fully engage your core.

Muscle Burns Fat

What are the workouts?

  • Lower Body Burn– targets quads, glutes, hamstrings, a blend of classic weight training & asymmetrical training
  • Core Circuit 1– Cardio & Core blocks maximize fat burning + AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible)
  • Upper Body Burn– Chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders (classic & asymmetric training)
  • Circuit Core 2– same as core 1 but new moves & more cardio and trying to beat your AMRAP
  • Full Body Burn– push your self to go heavier and faster
  • Power Ignite– EMOM (every minute on the minute) fast strength challenge get in get out
  • Dynamic Recovery– Active stretch & flow to boost mobility, ease tension and recover
  • On the go workouts– swap for strength when you are on the go with no weights
  • Bonus MBF– 10 minute bonus strength workout
  • Bonus MBFA– 10 minute finishers to burn it up!

Muscle Burns Fat

Do these workouts come with a nutrition program?

YES! For the first time ever you get BOTH our nutrition programs FREE with your package. This way you can see which program is right for your lifestyle. If you need more structure, portion control, knowing what to eat and how much then Ultimate Portion Fix is perfect. If you need less structure, more volume, knowing the types of food to eat without exact portion sizes 2BMindset may be best for you.

What program materials come with the program?

  • MBF & MBFA getting started guides
  • Workout calendars
  • Dumbbell tracker sheets
  • BOD ropes (cordless jump ropes used in each workout) sold in the accessory and challenge packs

As I said, this week I have been testing out the workouts so I know what to expect and I love the different styles of training. The music is awesome. I like training one side of the body at a time. It truly does make you focus on form and uses your CORE more! I also can’t wait for my BOD ropes to arrive.

Here was week 1 Lower Body Burn


If you like this and want to check out the sample workout for MBF

simply click here

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