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Best Proposal Of 2016

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My surprise engagement in Newport, Rhode Island.

See Video At The End….

I don’t even know where to begin, except to say I am a sucker for romance novels and fairy tale love stories from Nicholas Sparks. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that I would be the leading lady of the most romantic proposals  far greater than any novel he’s written!

What started as a drive home to Rhode Island for a long weekend with family and a Red Sox game turned into the best day of my life. It was Thursday September 15, and we left Maryland around 5am to drive to RI. We had planned to have 1 day for just us, and were staying the night in Newport.

The day before we left he said he booked us a couples massage. Its something we like to do so I thought nothing of it. He told me a week prior we would be going to his cousins wedding that Sunday on our way back to Maryland and so I needed a nice dress. Now, I didn’t believe there was an actual wedding since I was just hearing about it and he said his parents RSVP for us……but I was playing along. I thought perhaps there may be a proposal Sunday with my family around. But since I ruin every surprise he’s ever attempted I didn’t ask any questions.

So we drive to Rhode Island and make our way to Newport. When we passed the hotel I thought we were staying at, he said he found a salon and spa we were going to try for the massage. We enter the salon and he turns to me, kisses me on the head and said “this is where we part ways” and leaves.

So I was seated in a chair and asked what I wanted to do with my hair. I had been looking forward to that massage but what the heck. So I asked for loose curls. I still think we are going to dinner, and he is throwing me off from what he is planning for Sunday.  I believed that until after hair I was told to sit in another chair for hair and makeup. OKAY NOW IM EXCITED!!!! Hair and makeup was not going to last until Sunday!!!!

I am totally blown away with my new Glamorous self and cant wait to see his reaction.


Thank you JF3 Salon and Spa!!!!!

So once I am finished I text my love, Ryan, and let him know I am ready. He then sends a car to pick me up (you have to watch the video for that back and forth haha) and the car takes me to Castle Hill Inn. I walk up to the front desk and ask for Ryan. The woman doesn’t know what I am talking about and looks at me like I have multiple heads. I mean Im wearing leggings, a workout tank and a full head of hair and makeup!!! She comes running back smiling and says YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! The valley will take you to the beach house. …….

UM…..excuse me…..whose beach house??? EEEKKKKK

So off we go to the beach house. He opens the door and tells me to have a great night. Inside there is beautiful music playing, a picturesque ocean just outside our sliding door and there on the bed is my dress. Next to it is a sweet note “Hey love, its been a fantastic day, why end the fun here. Meet me at the lighthouse. Wear your flip flops but bring your heels. Love Ryan.” AHHHHH Im beyond excited.


So off I go through the wooded path down to the lighthouse to meet my prince charming!!!!!

When I finally get there I am blown away by my man, looking SHARP! Full Tuxedo, the ocean and lighthouse behind him and cant believe what is finally about to happen!



I am shaking with excitement as he takes my hand and gets down on bended knee.

sm-jackie-and-ryan-engagement-photographer-in-washington-dc-virginia-maryland-9 sm-jackie-and-ryan-engagement-photographer-in-washington-dc-virginia-maryland-10 sm-jackie-and-ryan-engagement-photographer-in-washington-dc-virginia-maryland-11 sm-jackie-and-ryan-engagement-photographer-in-washington-dc-virginia-maryland-12


sm-jackie-and-ryan-engagement-photographer-in-washington-dc-virginia-maryland-14 sm-jackie-and-ryan-engagement-photographer-in-washington-dc-virginia-maryland-15

He planned this whole thing out and it was magical. We spent the next 2 hours smiling like two giddy middle schoolers, embraced in love, and laughing like only we know how to……



sm-jackie-and-ryan-engagement-photographer-in-washington-dc-virginia-maryland-21 sm-jackie-and-ryan-engagement-photographer-in-washington-dc-virginia-maryland-25



Forehead kisses for life…….




sm-jackie-and-ryan-engagement-photographer-in-washington-dc-virginia-maryland-43 sm-jackie-and-ryan-engagement-photographer-in-washington-dc-virginia-maryland-44

sm-jackie-and-ryan-engagement-photographer-in-washington-dc-virginia-maryland-47 sm-jackie-and-ryan-engagement-photographer-in-washington-dc-virginia-maryland-50









It was truly a fairy tale that did not end here. To see how it unfolded and my behind the scenes at each step, we hope you enjoy our engagement video as much as we do ♥

Future Mrs. 6-25-17

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