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Spa Towel Wrap

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Spa Towel Wrap

at home spa day

After a year like 2020 don’t we all need a little TLC and spa treatment. While we may not be ready to hit up our fave massage center just yet, this spa towel wrap is the newest asset into my at home self care.

I have been using a towel wrap on my hair since 2009. While I take a shower every day I do not wash my hair everyday. So in order to keep my hair try I wrap a towel wrap around my head that my nana gave me when I first moved to Maryland, back in 2009!


Thanks nana lol but honestly its been the greatest gift! Well its getting old and worn and I knew I needed a new one.

Enter in the Spa Towel Wrap and Hair Towel.

Spa Towel

The coolest part about this spa towel wrap is there is a thick velcro across the top. You can adjust how loose or tight you need it. I am wearing a size small. It comes in multiple colors but if you know me, you know of course I would wear the pink one! It also has a cute pocket which would be great to put my cell phone in as I typically listen to a podcast or audible book when I walk around and get ready each day.

self care routine

2020 taught me to make my physical, mental and emotional health a prior and so each day I try and do some form of self care aside from my workouts. One to two days a week I carve out more time to do all the self care and grooming. Today was one of those days. It also meant I got to wash my hair. So first up was using my scalp massager, and my favorite Shampoo & Conditioner. Love that they are also pink!

Step 2 was shaving. I Love my BILLIE razor and I swear by this shaving cream. I shave under my arms every day but I shave my legs every other day or so. This bottle has lasted me 6 months. I don’t get any razor bumps its great. I use two billie razors. One for under arms and lady parts and one for me legs. The coolest part about these razors, aside from their charcoal infused blade, is it comes with a magnet to cling to your shower wall. I also have the travel cases so the blades don’t get all yucky when traveling. My legs have never been smoother.

The spa towel is so soft. It’s microfiber  and just the coziest thing to wrap yourself in. Once my hair is washed I let it dry a little in this matching hair towel. This towel is great on the days I don’t wash my hair as I can wrap it up so it doesn’t get wet while I shower. There is a small button you can clip the tail end of the hair towel on instead of just tucking it in and it wont come undone.

Billie Razor

While my hair is drying, and I know I will be applying self tanner or going for a spray tan, I like to remove all the hair.  For the past two years I have been using these Tinkle razors to Microderm my face, remove any peach fuzz and leave my skin so smooth. It also helps my makeup apply and stay on better. I also a few days a use use this derma roller.

Once I am groomed I then add self tanner if I am using that or I head to the tanning salon for a spray tan. Two of my fave self tanners are Loving Tan and Jergens.

Since I was getting a spray tan latter in the day, I went ahead and did my makeup before doing my hair.

I am telling ya’ll if you have not done an at home spa day, or take some time during the week for self care its a MUST!!! It could be painting your nails or an epsom salt bath.

But truly, grab yourself one of these Wrap Spa Towels

Finally I was ready to blow dry my hair and then use my fave, yes its pink, hair straightener!

hair straightener

at home spa day

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