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Billie Razor Review

Billie Razor Review
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Billie Razors Are They Worth It?

Billie Razor

If you are not on Instagram or Facebook you may not have seen every blogger and their mom raving about the new Billie Razor. I watched for weeks before caving and giving them a try.

Here is why I wanted to give them a try. For starters its only $9 bucks!

  • Your starter kit comes with a Billie handle (I chose pink duh)
  • A magnetic holder (its so cool) it sticks right to your bathroom wall
  • Two 5 blade razor cartridges

Billie Razor

I loved the idea (because I am super cheap) that you can customize how often replacement blades are sent. You take a quick survey filling out how often you shave. Based on that it will suggest how often (every month) replacement blades are sent. You can change it to come less often. In that package is 4 replacement blades.


With previous razors replacement blades are all in one plastic cartridge. With these the blades are individual which makes it great to toss one in a travel kit and not have to take all the extra razors with you.

Billie Razor Replacements

The reason the shave has been praised is not just the 5 blades but they are surrounded by a charcoal shave soap. They also sell separate shaving cream that I have not even tried yet.

As someone who works out daily, teaches group fitness classes I shave every other day. While some claim the Billie allows them to shave less often, I still shave every other day on my legs. I am Portuguese and Italian, but I have noticed the stubble is WAY less than with my previous shaver. I also notice on shave days, my legs are SUPER SMOOTH.

billie razor review

Its basically November and I have been using this bad boy since August. I LOVE it. Aside from the smoothness and the sleek design, the magnetic wall mount is my fave!!! I highly recommend you check it out. You can cancel at any time but I think you will love it too!

Billie Razor

The best part for my fellow online shoppers is each month (or how often you have yours set up) ships FREE!

Happy Shaving Girl!

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