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I get asked a lot about the books I read, recipe books I use, kitchen, business, and household tools I use. Plus I am all about affordable fashion!!!

So here is a list of some of my fave things.

Several have been mentioned in blog posts or shared on social media. Especially if you follow my Insta Stories!


What else would you like me to share?


Such an awesome cookbook for people who want yummy healthy dishes. Whether you follow an AIP, PALEO or KETO way of cooking this cookbook is for you.

Books. I listen to 99% of my books on Audible. But some you can get on amazon I highly recommend are:

Book guide

Laundry Hook Boot

If you have not watched Marie Kondo Tidying Up on Netflix its a must. I love to organize and this series inspired me to organize even more. I LIVE in leggings. I found these to hang up my leggings and OMG game changer! Cheap, easy, perfection every fit girl needs one!

Silk Pillowcases

Every woman knows they need silk pillowcases to reduce frizz and static while they sleep. These babies are so soft and are also great for your face. No waking up to crease lines all over your cheeks. Inexpensive beauty sleep at its best.

Invisible Hair Ties

As someone who works out daily, and teaches multiple fitness classes a week, my hair is in a pony tale quite often. However every fitness girl knows they don’t wash their hair daily. The problem with regular hair ties is it leaves a GIANT lump in your hair. So you can never wear it down. But these amazing bad boys keep my hair secure during my most intense workouts and allow me to wear it down and straight in between gym sessions.

Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

Like I said, a fit chick does not have time to wash her hair daily. In fact I only wash mine 2-3 times a week. But some days I do my own workout and teach 2 classes. So this beauty secret keeps my hair shiny, styled and smelling great no matter how crazy my sweat session was. This is NOT yo mama’s old school dry shampoo!

L’Oreal Paris Mascara

This is thee best mascara I have ever worn. Full and luscious almost looks like when I wear lashes!

Iphone Selfie Ring Light with Stand

I have an old GIANT ring light that I use in my office for training videos or going live on FB or IG. However I often go live in my home gym or kitchen as I am cooking. Its too bulky to drag my big ring light around. This is so easy to use in my tiny kitchen, or move around my home gym. Its perfect lighting for photos, home videos or those live videos. Even if you don’t have a business and just need more light this is perfect.

Portable Standing Selfie Stick

This I have used the past two years and it literally goes everywhere with me. Including our honeymoon to multiple countries. I use it daily at home or in the gym to film my workout videos. Its super light weight and holds your phone vertical for IG stories or horizontal for your FB, IG or Youtube feed. Best investment ever and its cheap!

Window Mount Phone Holder

I used this for years before getting the portable stand selfie stick. Ive owned about 4. They are best if you don’t use them daily or don’t move them from window to window. Otherwise they suction great. I even brought it with me on a fitness business trip to the Bahamas and used it in the gym there.

Vegan Coconut Wraps

Even if you are not vegan (I am not) but can’t have grains or gluten, choose not too or want to watch your carbs, these wraps are so good!

Mini Portable Resistance Bands

I keep these in my gym bag, I use them with my personal training clients and I throw them in my suitcase. Perfect for training the lower body and upper body. Multiple strengths and they don’t rip! Perfect extra bands to go along with 80 Day Obsession!

Lakanta Monkfruit Sweetener

This is one of the best sugar substitutes I have found that does not bother my stomach, GI or raise blood sugar. Its great for baking.

Enjoy Life dark Chocolate Chips

This brand is not only gluten free, nut free, soy free and dairy free but also does not use artificial fillers and chemicals. Its my go to brand when baking and the dark chocolate is the one I use. The more you refine your taste buds the sweeter it tastes and these ones dont taste as dark as many other dark chocoalte bars out there.

Low Acid Organic Coffee

I drink A TON of coffee. I also use decaf in the afternoon. I have stomach and digestive issues and recently went through lots of gut health testing. This stuff tastes amazing and is so much easier on my tummy than all the other coffee brands I was using.

Coconut Amino

I put that ‘ish on everything! It tastes amazing on meat and veggies. Super low to no calorie, its all natural, perfect if you are following WHOLE30 or just want a healthier sauce.


At least once a week I use this to make zoodles for me and the hubby! Super easy to use and clean!


Some of my fave fashion finds that won’t break the bank but allow you to feel fab!

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