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Your Past Doesn’t Define Your Future

Your Past Doesn’t Define Your Future The first time I shared my very vulnerable story was in 2015. I got such positive feedback and messages from people who struggled or had a family member struggling and it gave them hope. Its been able to encourage others to believe your past doesn’t define your future. Over […]

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National Eating Disorder Awareness

National Eating Disorder Awareness If you did not know, this week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. If you know me or follow me on social then you probably have heard me share my story. If you are new here, HEY GIRL, basically my freshman year in college I developed an eating disorder that almost […]

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Anorexia Recovery

Anorexia Recovery- My Story Part 2

Part 1 of my story of how I developed & overcame anorexia…..   Welcome back to part 2 and if you are just finding this and missed PART 1 be sure to check that out…. Yesterday we chatted about my background, how I started to make healthier changes in high school… how I then tried […]

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Anorexia Recovery- My Story Part 1

Part 1 of my story of how I developed & overcame anorexia….. Here’s some background on me….I grew up doing  dance, I played soccer k-8th grade, I ran cross country my first two years of high school….As a young kid I loved sweets, I come from an Italian home and I never thought much about […]

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Its Not About The Weight

Its Not about the WEIGHT Stop focusing on the NUMBER of the scale, Stop focusing on the weight, and start focusing on the baby steps!   For those who have followed me, you know my story with anorexia. Its been very FREEING to be able to share this with others. Well, yes I had to […]

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How 30 pounds saved my life – my battle from health to anorexia and back

Owning My Story- How 30 pounds saved my life. Bear with me as I open up publicly for the first time about MY STORY. I Never EVER talk about it. I’ve NEVER shared it with some of my CLOSEST friends, but if I want people to gain Inspiration and to KNOW me (not just a […]

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