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What was once unthinkable, unattainable, unfathomable, or unimaginable is really not!

Real reviews from those I have had the privilege to have an impact on through sharing my fitness journey, through being their coach, being their team leader and friend. These are amazing every day people that have gone on to achieve great things for themselves, their families and others they touch…this could be YOUR STORY TOO!



August 2, 2018- April Lewis

I met Jackie one morning in the gym before she taught her insanity course. We chatted and I instantly knew she was divinely sent to help me get back on-track with my workout regimen. I was motivated, supported, and ultimately lost 10lbs and two inches in my mid-section! I LOVE the skin I am in and owe it to Jackie for the encouragement!

July 21, 2018- Tonya Sutherland-Petty

Jackie is always there for you , answers any questions and helps you get prepared and reach your goals.

July13, 2018 Michele Hammonds

I have been working with Jackie as my coach since February, and I have learned a lot about fitness and nutrition from her. Jackie is an amazing coach and is in “tip top shape.” She is highly motivated and driven to be in the best physical shape possible. However, more importantly she helps men and women reach their fitness goals by teaching group Insanity and P90X Classes and private lessons. I take Insanity Class taught by Jackie. She makes the class so much fun with music that will inspire you to push through to the end. Jackie makes doing triceps pushups on her toes easy! Take the challenge if you want to become strong and begin working out, or need to restart or take your fitness “up a notch” contact Jackie Enos. I did and I am in the best shape that I have ever been in. I am so glad that our paths crossed. I also, look forward to continuing on my journey with her.

March 23, 2018 Michelle Triolo Perkins

Jackie is an awesome coach! She has helped me with so much on my fitness journey. I’ve learned new recipes and found the will power to make healthy choices in my nutrition. Jackie also got me to work on my mental health. I’ve starting listening to some podcasts and really look forward to the positivity I gain from them each day. I’m so happy to be working with Jackie and I look forward to continuing in my journey with her!

January 29, 2018 Robbin Cronch

I’ve been a member of Jackie’s Fit for Life group for about 2 years now, and currently participating in a group challenge on a brand new program. She is 100% dedicated to her practice, not only the physical aspect, but the emotional too. Even though we are states away, I know Jackie’s support is just a click or call away. Thank you for the accountability and friendship. You Rock!!!!!

October 28, 2017 Amanda Maffeo

Jackie is extremely encouraging and understanding. She has never judged me or my story. She is always there to provide support and suggestions. She is an enormous motivator and inspiration.

October 2017, Kathryn Mary 

Jackie has been my fitness coach for almost a year and I absolutely love working with her! She motivates me and others in our fitness group on a daily basis! Thank you for changing my life Jackie!

October 2017, Timoy Gregory

Awesome Coach! Not only does she have us focus on physical fitness, we also focus on metal and emotional wellness. Definitely know how to bring out the best in us. Also always available if needed.

September 2017, Pamela Holman
Jackie is all sorts of amazing! I’ve known her for a long time! She definitely leads by example! Jackie is SO motivating and always willing to help you! I’m so thankful for her encouraging me to push harder and to keep going in my fitness journey! Thank you Jackie!!
September 2017, Victoria Myers
What can I say but Jackie is amazing! I’ve been taking class with Jackie for over a year now and its been a huge life changer. She has helped and encouraged me to reach my fitness goals by staying focused and determined through her own hard work and dedication for helping others.
August 2017, Julie Frens Kraley
Jackie is such an inspiration! Thanks to her, I got myself on track and even more driven to be the best me I can be!
September 2017, Jessica Lillard
I’ve been working with Jackie for several years… and while I may call away from time to time, Jackie is always ready to work with me, she is an awesome gal to be in this fitness journey with!
October 2018, Holly Phalange
I’ve been working with Jackie for 8 months. I’ve been apart of her Challenge Groups. Several actually and am still currently participating. She’s amazing. Her groups are amazing. She hasn’t only helped me with my fitness goals but helped me build a better relationship with myself as well. She’s a huge self love advocate and that’s what I love most about her. She’s always there to answer questions or be a friendly ear when needing to vent. She gives you great advice whether it be nutritional, workouts or which new personal development book to read. I love working with her.

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