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We're not just building confident bodies, but a life we love.

Over a decade ago I started as a fitness coach sharing workouts, nutritional tips and teaching all the classes. Fast forward to today, and Jackie Enos has become a lifestyle brand where we embrace more than just dumbbells. Here, we focus on building strong bodies, organizing and styling your home, and sharing easy-to-follow DIY projects. Think of this as your happy place—a safe space where you can learn to love both your body and your living space.

The Essence of Strong, Styled, & Organized

Hi again, I’m Jackie. My life has been a journey from overcoming an eating disorder to being a beacon of self-love and empowerment. I started in the fitness realm, but as I've evolved, so has my business. Now, I’m not just your fitness coach; I’m also your DIY companion and home organizer, showing you how to make the most of what you have.

From Fitness Enthusiast to Lifestyle Maven

Meet the Woman Behind the Brand

Consistency has been my mantra since day one. You can count on regular, reliable content that’s always relevant.

Consistency is Key

Life’s complicated enough. That’s why all our tips, projects, and styles are practical and achievable.

Attainable Over Aspirational

We value genuine connection and authentic growth, not just highlight reels and curated feeds.

Empowerment Over Ego

How We Do Things Around Here

Ready to make a change? I'm just an email away.

I am a former teacher turned fitness coach turned home organizer & influencer. It's never too late to reinvent yourself.


I am Coffee, Cats, Candles & Dark Chocolate Obsessed


Comfort over everything: If I can’t do a squat or a quick living room cleanup in it, I’m not wearing it.


I’ve been to the Pyramids in Egypt, The Colosseum in Italy, Christ The Redeemer in Brazil. Checking off those Wonders of the World one trip at a time.


Fun Facts

Looking to work with a brand that truly values authentic connection and long-term relationships? That’s me. I’ve collaborated with a range of brands in the fitness, lifestyle, and home spaces, always delivering content that’s not just pretty but also relatable and actionable. Let’s make something amazing together.

Building Brands, One Collaboration at a Time

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