Thanks for visiting my page. I am a former Special Education Teacher who lost her passion. I found it again as a Health & Fitness Coach. It is pure pleasure to watch someone transform not just physically, but mentally & emotionally. To finally find CONFIDENCE and love the skin they are in.

I decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach, but not until I said no for 8 straight MONTHS!!!! I saw my coach helping all these people, the results they were getting, the amazing trips & events she got to go on and the other coaches she met. They all shared a similar passion of helping others and leaving a better legacy for themselves and their families. I wanted to be apart of a COMMUNITY like that. I had used beachbody programs long before I knew about coaching. I started with Turbojam and then INSANITY. I loved the workouts and the results I got from them, FROM HOME!


What can you achieve in 21 days?

What can you achieve in 21 days?

I was already helping others try new workouts, eat healthier and sharing what I loved about beachbody programs. I was aleady trying to add value to others daily in some way. I finally thought, I am already acting like a coach I can do this! As a teacher I love teaching and helping others SEE the lightbulb go off and watching people BLOOM! I love helping others see their POTENTIAL and what they can achieve. This company gave me a bigger platform to do that. It has given me tools I can use with each new client to help them establish HEALTHY eating habits, replace unhealthy ones, establish a healthy relationship with exercise and most importantly establish deep friendships with each person.

Reasons to get fit

People helping people – from all around theUSA, Canada and Puerto Rico – working towards one common goal: Reversing The Trends of Obesity: One Relationship at a Time! How freaking cool is that??? We help people live healthier happier more fulfilling lives. I never had a large circle of influence, so being apart of something as powerful as this was like a sweet gift. So while I may have left the traditional classroom, my teacher skills come into play daily. I am still and perhaps more profoundly, impacting others, health is wealth after all.


                     Teacher to Instructor

I am excited each day to help NEW PEOPLE and to welcome new COACHES to our ever growing team (family). I’d love to hear from you if you think you are ready to make some changes in your own health OR are interested in joining OUR team!

Beach Body Coaching

Coaching has allowed me to leave my full time job working at special needs center. It has allowed me to take my boyfriend on a FREE cruise, travel to amazing places a few times a year and increase my circle of influence daily. Its allowed me to unleash my potential and watch it blossom and it allows me to mentor others to see their true potential and let it BLOOM!

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