Thanks for being here. I hope to inspire women to feel strong, health, confident and go after all the things that bring them JOY!

As the seasons change so have the things that excite and bring me joy. Years ago that was being a school teacher. I loved it until I no longer loved it.  I am a former Special Education Teacher who lost her passion. I found excitement and purpose  again as a Health & Fitness Coach. It’s pure pleasure to watch someone transform not just physically, but more importantly mentally & emotionally. To finally find CONFIDENCE is a beautiful thing.

I became a beachbody coach back in 2014 and then a Group Fitness Instructor and Trainer. I spent over 8 years dedicated to fitness and helping woman make small changes to lead a healthier more fulfilling life. By the 2020 my spark was dying out again. I had been in a fitness bubble for so long I needed more balance. I am a creative by nature and needed more outlets and ways to express myself. I leaned into blogging by changing my blog from just fitness to fashion, home decor, beauty, self care, travel and more. I started doing more DIY projects and sharing the journey along the way. A new spark had truly ignited.


Ive always loved organization and now I also help organize peoples homes, pantry’s, closets, offices, kitchens, bedrooms, garages and more!

I love all the facets of what I do. From blogging, affiliate marketing, coaching, instructing, and organizing I get to help people in numerous ways and truly do what brings me joy.

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