Youv2 Beginner Workout- Exercise thats fun from Beachbody

Do you want a FUN exercise program you enjoy without strenuous moves? Welcome to the all new Youv2

Youv2 workout


Get ready to party, sweat and celebrate becoming the new you EVERY TIME you press play. Expect to have TONS of FUN with the ultimate FEEL GOOD party tunes, an incredible group of motivating ladies of all shapes and sizes, and inspiration from your BIGGEST CHEERLEADER and super trainer, Leandro.

Youv2 workout

Yes I want ALL ACEESS to Youv2


So who is Youv2 for?

  • Woman who want a fun & easy dance inspired workout
  • Fitness beginners or those getting back on track
  • Woman who have never really worked out
  • Woman who want a life changing journey to look and feel FABULOUS
  • Woman who want/need to lose weight but hate strict programs
  • Great for all fitness levels including your kids/grandkids

Youv2 workout

Yes I Want All Access To Youv2

Yes I want Youv2 and shakeology only

What do you get with Youv2 ?

  • 6 workouts on DVD or digital download
  • Quick start guide
  • K.I.S.S (keep it super simple) and just eat! Meal guide
  • 30 day calendar (can hang on wall to motivate you)
  • Oh hello Youv2 journal (this journey is more than just physical)
  • Kids channel
  • Fixate cooking show (Beachbody on demand)
  • Access to every fitness workout, meal plan and future programs for 1 year
  • Portion control containers
  • 24/7 coaching from ME

Youv2 Workout beachbody

Yes I want ALL ACCESS to Youv2

What are the workouts?

  • Move your body
  • Work it. Shake it
  • Rock it out
  • Sculpt shack
  • Sweat sensation
  • Believe, achieve and tone

Youv2 Workout Beachbody

Yes I want ALL ACCESS Youv2 Workout

What is Beachbody On Demand?

With beachbody on demand you can stream every single workout program. On your cell, computer, tablet, firestick, apple tv and more. So first you can do Youv2 workout program. Once you are feeling great and gained strength and stamina you can progress to another workout program without buying it such as country heat, brazil butt lift, focus t25, piyo, cize, or 21 day fix.

So the Youv2 workouts will be on your Beachbody On Demand account. As will all the program material (calendar, meal plan and more). This also gives you access to my private coaching groups for accountability.  You can learn more about Beachbody On Demand here.

Youv2 workout


Yes I want Youv2 and Shakeology only


Nothing complicated or strict. Its based off a balanced diet. Week one is just focusing on the workouts and shakeology. Then they teach you how to include a healthy breakfast. From there you learn how to make a healthy lunch and then dinner. So throughout the program you take baby steps for lasting results. It becomes a healthy LIFESTYLE that you will love.


Yes I want all access to Youv2

Can my kids join me in my workouts?

I love that kids can join their moms and dads in this workout. Kids are always watching. What better way to lead an active healthy family than to workout as a family. This is the perfect workout that kids can do and love doing. If you are using Beachbody On Demand you can actually choose to split the screen to have the workout on one side and kids on screen doing the workout on the other side. The music in this program is kid friendly and gets them moving and grooving and having a BLAST!

Beachbody On Demand Kids Channel


So wait no longer. Get those good vibrations flowing, heart rate pumping, 80’s and 90’s tunes blasting and nothing but 30 minutes of FUN going now!

Get YOUR Youv2 Workout NOW!!!!

Be sure to email [email protected] once you order or if you have any questions!