Week 1 & 2



Step 1: Get on Shakeology Home Direct (HD)

Step 2: Schedule a getting started right call with your sponsor coach

Step 3: Begin your training below- use the tools your team provides you for success

Bonus Tool- Print This and use it daily when inviting to your challenge groups

Week 1: New Coach Academy

  1. Getting started right with CEO of TEAM M.A.D. Jackie Enos

  2. How to set up your team beach body website and profile

  3. Learn the BIG PICTURE of this business

  4. You are now OPEN FOR BUSINESS public announcement

  5. RUN your daily POWER HOUR

        Power Hour Trackers 

         Daily Acitivity Task List

 Week 2: New Coach Academy

  1. Be proof the product works

  2. What is EMERALD rank?

  3. Where do I place my SPOUSE ?

  4. How to build and EMERALD FACTORY


  6. What is success club?

  7. Ideas to help hit success club in a few days