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good mood brought to you by

Coffee and Workout

Today’s good mood is brought by coffee ☕️ a workout ??and church ?? I get asked if I workout daily and the answer is yes. It sets the tone for my day ?, gives me clarity?, makes me more energized ⚡️ and productive ??it makes me happy ? ( feel good endorphins) and it allows me to keep doing the things I love to do. […]

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Dear younger me

Dear Younger Me

If I could tell my younger self these 8 things I would….. Today started like most of my Monday’s. Wake up, drink coffee, head to the gym and teach my favorite insanity class. If you workout you know you get a “HIGH” from it. If you are a fitness instructor, you know there is a […]

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why the scale increases when you start a new workout

Why you gain “weight” when you start a new workout

Contrary to what you think, you are not actually gaining “weight.” Okay, I know you are super excited to start your new workout program and your new nutrition plan. You have goals and now you have the tools to reach them. Maybe you invested in some new fitness gear, buy some new workout tops and […]

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Healthy Habits For Fitchicks

Healthy Habits For Fitchicks The beautiful thing about a new day is that it is a NEW DAY. A chance to correct some wrongs. A fresh start on your goals. A chance to live a bit happier and healthier. What better way to start that than by applying some simple healthy habits.   1.) Wake up early […]

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Online Fitness Group

Challenge Groups Change Lives Join Now

What is a challenge group? Private group online where each member comes for support, accountability, friendship, fun, a place to vent, a place to celebrate, a place to achieve goals right along with many others just like them, a place to establish healthy habits, a place to ditch some unhealthy ones, a place to celebrate […]

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Everyone has their own journey, enjoy it

The coolest part about a journey is that we all have our own You know the coolest part about a journey is that everyone is on their own. You can go at your own pace, you set your own goals, you battle your own obstacles, you celebrate your own victories and you do it for […]

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Its all about Mindset

Today’s Lesson: Its all about Mindset What you think you believe, what you believe is what you do. This is true in all areas of life but since I work with clients on their health and fitness, I am going to focus on that. Many of my challengers are not brand new to fitness, however […]

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Whats stopping you- go after your goals

Today’s Lesson: What’s stopping you?   I know its nearing the end of summer (sad sad sad thoughts) and maybe you have not achieved what you wished for when summer started. Great news, there is never a better time to start than NOW, and its never too late. Maybe you want to lose a few […]

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My dads story…..a proud daughter moment

Today’s Lesson: Your parents can make you proud too! Tonight’s post is a personal one….but one that makes me smile as I type. About 6 weeks ago I gushed about a phone call I had just received from my dad telling me he had been hitting the track for a long walk daily, and actually […]

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Back to school routine…are you on track?

Today’s Lesson: Are you back to routine ready? Are you ready to put YOURSELF first so that you can give all of yourself to your responsibilities as a parent (juggling homework, school activities, after school sports, dance and band practices and of course play dates), as an employee with projects and deadlines, as a spouse […]

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3 day refresh results

Today’s lesson: We all can use a good refresh If you have been following me you know I did the 3 day refresh to test it out at the begining of July. I loved it. I had energy, I felt amazing, my bloat was gone and I was down 4 pounds. I had so much […]

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PIYO update

Stretching does wonders for the body by low impact movement   So I have been doing a few of the workouts for the new at home fitness program PIYO before my very first test group kicks off next Monday. Here is what I have noticed and liked so far. I do see some similarities to […]

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Piyo – define your strength are you ready?

Todays lesson: You dont need high impact to get results   Do you ever feel sore, tired or run down after weeks, months, or even years of pushing the body and literally beating it up in your workouts? Ill be the firs to admit I love HIIT training or going to a relatively long run. While […]

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PIYO- Everyone needs flexibility no matter how strong

Today’s lesson- everyone needs PIYO Many of you have been following my email newsletters and hearing about PIYO. Some of you are in my upcoming facebook group about it starting in July. I wanted to share some updated information on this HOT new program. Here are things you may be wondering: Who is the fitness […]

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