How to reduce muscle soreness with Dark Cherries

Today’s Lesson: Reducing muscle soreness can be  sweet in more way than one…..


Have you ever worked out, like really pushed yourself, squatted lower, lifted heavier, ran faster or longer and felt GREAT about what you just accomplished? Do you like the saying ‘sore is a satisfying feeling” ? Now I love this saying and I use it all the time, but truth be told sometimes SORE is an annoying feeling. I know its my body telling me I DID GOOD…but at the moment it does not feel so good.

Well here is one way to ease the pain of muscle soreness….its not popping some pain meds, rubbing on some smelly cream(I secretly love ICY HOT) or putting some kind of wrap on it. Its as simple as eating Dark Cherries.

Dark Cherries like many other dark pigmented foods are packed with ANTHOCYANINS, that work to speed oxygen through the blood which reduces muscle inflammation and reduces post workout soreness and recovery.

Dark cherries are not always in season so I buy a bag of frozen one in your grocers freezer section.  I pair them with my healthiest meal of the day, SHAKEOLOGY. Now typically I have my shake for lunch since its easier to eat at work but on the weekends I have it right after my killer workout. Since today is Saturday and I just fiinished my saturday workut routine, I came home to make my heavenly shake.

Here are a few reasons I love Shakeology:

*gives my body 70 nutrients

* provides me with pre/probiotics

* all natural energy source from whole foods with no fillers or artificial CRAP

* provides me with adequate protein

* provides me in one drink with 6 servings of fruits and veggies

* Tastes so dang good….its my daily guilt free treat

So today I paired this amazing nutrient shake with some dark cherries for the best tasting and muscle recovery solution.

What you need

1 scoop or packet of Chocolate shakeology (can use the vegan chocolate)

1 tsp ground cinnamon

8oz cold water or 1 cup unsweetened almond milk ( use water)

1 serving of frozen DARK CHERRIES

ICE ( I use a lot and blend until it forms ice cream or a FROSTY consistency)


Doesn’t this look good?

2014-11-01 10.10.30

Comment below if you try it or want to know how you can get some shakeology to try too.

Be sure to SHARE it below with your friends or to your social media so you have the recipe and for others to try it with you.

Drink UP!




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