Cafe Latte Shakeology- coffee lovers unite!

Cafe Latte Shakeology- coffee lovers unite!

Cafe Latte Shakeology is now here, the 7th flavor of shakeology.

If you follow me on my personal facebook account you would know that pretty much every morning I share my love of COFFEE…like seriously!

So this weekend at our Beachbody Super Saturday here in DC,  I got to try the new Cafe Latte Shakeology….OMG—this coffee lover was in HEAVEN!

Yes, I drink my chocolate shakeology daily as it is my guilt free treat but man oh man it just might get replaced with the Cafe Latte Shakeology.

Cafe latte

Cafe Latte…coffee lovers dream

What does it taste like?

It is not OVERLY or super strong COFFEE taste so if you DO NOT like coffee I bet you would like Cafe Latte Shakeology.

It is not overly sweet either as that was a concern several people had.

Some said it had a slightly nutty undertone.

It was not mixed with anything but water and ice and oh so good.

If you want a STRONG coffee flavor you can still add coffee to your shake as many like to do with vanilla or chocolate.

Does it have high levels of Caffeine?

It does not have Caffeine levels equal to coffee- it has the exact same (small amount) that normal shakeology has.

Does it still have all the great benefits?

Yes! It still as over 70 nutrients, superfoods, protein, digestive enzymes, minerals, pre and probiotics, and more.

If you have been on the fence in trying shakeology, I highly recommend now is the TIME!

Coffee lovers, life just got a little better with cafe latte shakeology…..

cafe latte shakeology



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