3 Day Refresh Day 2 Results

Today’s Lesson: You are halfway there, keep going.


Yesterday I completed day 2 of the 3 Day refresh. I still felt great. I still had energy. Yes its low calorie (its only 3 days) and I was able to continue my normal fitness routines. I have heard other complain of being tired though. One of my coaches is doing it too and she felt more energy than normal.


I didn’t drink as much water as I should have, and I think the Fiber Sweep got to me. Later afternoon/ evening my stomach was feeling uncomfortable. I think if I had more water throughout the day it wouldn’t of been such a big deal.

I woke up and drank my water and small black coffee.

I had chocolate shakeology with a banana for breakfast.

I saved some of my shakeology and mixed it with the fiber sweep and downed it. It was actually pretty good.

I ate my apple and pb2 before heading to work. I brought my spinach salad with veggies and liquid aminos for lunch. The vanilla shake was refreshing after being out in the heat with my students in the afternoon.

Afternoon snack was cucumbers and slice of avocado.

Dinner was veggie stirfry and some spaghetti squash followed by a vanilla shake. I was more hungry the first night than tonight. I did have mint tea around 8pm. If you get hungry, distract yourself with a phone call, paint your nails, scrap book or just get distracted.

I slept GREAT! I woke up and so after 2 days I am down almost 3lbs.

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