3 day refresh- day 1

Today’s Lesson- Its only 3 days

I was super excited when beach body announced at our annual coach summit in Vegas a few weeks ago a new product to offer our amazing customers. Its called the 3 day refresh. Its a healthy way to jump start weight loss or fitness routine. Its a healthy way to rid the body of toxins that build up, and ditch the bloat from long nights, travel, and putting food in our body that isn’t healthy. Even too much of prepackaged “healthy food”. So I grabbed a kit at summit and have been waiting to try it.

Today I kicked off my first test group for the brand new program PIYO. I figured why not start a new fitness program AND cleanse my body at the same time. So here is what day 1 looked like.

First I weighed and measured myself the night before.



Its recommended that you not drink coffee, but that isn’t going to happen. However, it does say if you must drink coffee to drink it black and that’s how I take mine. SO like I do everyday, I rose and drink 8oz of water and had some black coffee. I hit the gym, taught my insanity class and came home to do PIYO. Since day 1 of PIYO is funamentals and I already understand that, I did SWEAT. YUP you will get a sweaty workout.


OKAY so now its breakfastShakeology + 1 fruit

I had my FAVE chocolate SHakeology and a small banana

Mid morning I had the fiber sweep. Not going to lie, its not so great. It says shake and drink immediately and they are not kidding. I added a drop of stevia and chugged it. Off to work and guess what it was  a field trip today. Can I make this meal plan work? You bet with a little bit of prep and planning.

Lunch– veggie, healthy fat, fruit, vanilla shake

I brought a spinach salad with carrots broccoli and avocado. I use liquid aminos as a dressing (its a FREE FOOD). I also had an apple and pb2. Now technically this healthy fat was supposed to be with afternoon snack. But o well. I didn’t have the vanilla protein shake on the trip but when we got back, I went on break and ran home to make my shake( I live 4 minutes from my job so each day I run home for 20 minutes).

2014-07-07 08.36.30

I was not hungry at all I was feeling great actually. Not dragging. I had my normal energy too. Even on a field trip with a crazy morning of melt downs, behaviors, miss communications etc (I work with special needs).

Afternoon snack I had cucumbers. YUM!

Dinner– I thought it would be hard to be meat free. I literally have chicken every day for protein. The refresh is also dairy free. But I am already dairy free so that wasnt hard at all. So for dinner i had veggie stirfry with some spaghetti squash. Salt free seasonings and I added low sodium broth (u are allowed to). I followed that with my sweet vanilla protein shake. I just add water and ice and blend.


2014-07-07 18.40.36

I drank water all day, probably not enough. I have felt fine all day. Tonight I have had a few stomach pains, CLEANSING THE BODY.

I am excited to see what tomorrow brings. I will keep my meals pretty similar, since its easy to eat at work.Its really a simple plan to follow. And if you are like me and worried about getting protein, no worries the shakeology and vanilla shakes all have enough protein!

Day 1 Done


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