3 day refresh results

Today’s lesson: We all can use a good refresh

If you have been following me you know I did the 3 day refresh to test it out at the begining of July. I loved it. I had energy, I felt amazing, my bloat was gone and I was down 4 pounds. I had so much interest that I am running a small 3 day challenge group. Its only 3 days, anyone can do that.

3 day refresh challenge

I am inviting you to join in.

There is a simple meal plan to follow.

It comes with the entire kit plus the 3 shakeology packets or scoops you will need for breakfast.

You eat real food along with 2 vanilla shakes (comes in the kit and a fiber sweep packet. Be sure to read my blog review of how to make fiber sweep taste better ).

We will keep each other supported over the course of the 3 days. The plus of this challenge is that the bundle comes with 30 days of shakeology. That means that after you finish the first 3 days you still have 27 more days of shakeology to help you continue to lose, to maintain your results, and to add the highest quality nutrition to your plan providing you a daily dose of dense nutrition.

If you are ready to kick off August feeling great, Can commit to 3 days, and want a plan that will continue to support you after the 3 days then click the link below and get your challenge pack now. This is the best option for the 3 day refresh, You even get to choose your shake flavor.

I prefer regular chocolate, beach body recommends one of the vegan flavors but you cant go wrong with whatever you choose.

If you are interested, are not working with a beach body coach, and committed, click below:


I hope you join us 🙂

Email me or connect with me on facebook for more details:




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