Gluten Free Veggie Pizza for Breakfast

Todays Lesson:- Gluten free veggie pizza with egg whites

Do you like eating leftovers? Well this is like if you were eating  leftover veggie pizza, except better and healthier.

Every morning after my workouts I either have SHAKEOLOGY for breakfast or I have egg whites in a gluten free wrap with spinach and veggies. Today I used all the same ingredients but in the form of a pizza.


1 Engine 2  gluten free wrap ( I get the one in the green package it has high fiber)

diced onion

chopped broccoli florets


diced baby portabella mushrooms

chopped spinach

diced bell pepper

liquid egg whites

I turn the over on to broil on HI

I spray a round pie pan with nonstick cooking spray and place the wrap inside

top with salsa

add all the veggie

cook 4-5 minutes

Microwave 3-4 servings of liquid egg whites (3-4 minutes) then chop it up

Remove pizza top with egg whites and enjoy

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