Gluten free veggie egg white wrap

Todays Lesson: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

I work out first thing in the morning and so I know when I am done I need to refuel properly. I have to get some protein in to fuel the muscles that I just worked and I need to fuel my body for the day! I start it off most days with this yummy dish.


1 Fire Engine 2 Gluten free wrap

liquid egg whites





salsa (optional)

pepper to season

In a microwave safe dish add the egg whites, veggies and pepper. I cook 3-4 minutes

At the last 10 minutes I put the wrap on a plate and warm it up.

Place egg bake inside wrap and roll up. I like to use tooth picks to hold it in place

gluten free egg white wrapFinish with some fresh fruit garnish and enjoy 🙂

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