5 minute meal- grilled chicken rainbow salad

Today’s Lesson- Tasting the rainbow is easier & quicker than you think.

If you have checked out my other 5 minute recipes, you will know I am not a chef, I like my food to be simple, healthy and QUICK!

I made this today in 5 minutes. I ran 8.5 miles this morning on a gorgeous run through the trails. I was blessed by a message at church. We hit the grocery store to prep our meals for the week and now its time to finish my weekly health newsletter and send it off. I needed something healthy, YUMMY and quick.

GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL to the RESCUE. I bought this bad boy over 4 years ago when I first moved to Maryland. I lived alone in my apartment. Most nights I would grill up a piece of chicken or a few pieces for the next couple of days. I have used this most nights since moving in with my boyfriend. Whats not to love, it melts any remaining fat drippings off and its super quick!?!

So I threw several pieces of chicken on, added black pepper and Italian seasonings and let cook (5 minutes). I LOVE spinach! I add it to my egg whites most mornings and I love to make salads with it. SO I made a large spinach salad. I topped it with my chicken when it was finished cooking (5 minutes) and no fuss. I added some diced avocado, tomato and carrots. I could of added mushrooms and beets too but I just wanted to eat! I drizzled on liquid aminos. I love this stuff. If I don’t use liquid aminos I add balsamic vinegar or I add a little of both and BOOM- lunch is served.

Would you eat this?

2014-07-20 12.52.24

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