Portion Fix by Beach Body- a portion control eating plan

Portion Fix- A fool proof portion control eating plan


Let’s face it, we like to eat….alot…..so much of what we do is surrounded by food. Family meetings in the kitchen, celebrations with friends over food, business meetings over breakfast, birthday dinners and milestones celebrated with cake.  Its not that doing these things is bad, its just our food choices during these activities tend to be less than healthy.

Did you know that adults on average eat 300 more calories a day than they did 20 years ago???? Those 300 calories add up, and fast. Try 31 extra pounds a year!!!! YIKES…..but do not stress because beach body and celebrity fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese got you covered!

In February 2014 Autumn released her 21 Day Fix program. This blew people out of the water. I had so many of my coaches and clients losing weight, and feeling great like never before. Why? Because it took the guess work out. It was simple to follow and it taught people HOW TO EAT.

One huge reason why we eat so much more than what our bodies need is our portion sizes in this country have multiplied. The beauty of this system is that it teaches you how large or small a portion size should be. AND its tailored for your needs.


What is Portion Control?

It’s knowing what a healthy amount of food is. Its knowing the difference between a giant piece of chicken and one the size of a deck of cards. You may have never thought of a serving of meat like that before, and that is why so many in our country are overweight. But let’s change that starting now.

Beach Body’s new PORTION FIX is a fool-proof way to learn portion control

The Portion Fix simplifies portion control to help customers see incredible results without counting calories or feeling deprived. The system includes seven specially designed food containers. Each one corresponds to an essential food group and is precisely measured to deliver just the right amount of nutrition, ensuring the body gets exactly what it needs in the right amounts. Plus, it includes an easy-to-follow eating plan with delicious foods and recipes that put weight loss goals on the fast track! It’s designed to be compatible with any Beachbody fitness program, for both men and women.

Each of the containers is precisely measured to deliver just the right amounts of the various food groups: proteins, fruits, veggies, grains/starches, healthy fats and “condiments” like seeds and dressings. If your food fits in the container (with room for the lid) then eat it. If not, save it for later or tomorrow.


What’s included in the Portion Fix?

7 color-coded portion-control containers:


Green Container = Veggies

Purple = Fruit

Red = Protein

Yellow = Carbs

Blue = healthy fat

Orange = Oil/seed/nuts

A large blue container to transport your smaller containers (think of it as a lunchbox of sorts)

A Shakeology shaker cup for beverages and Shakeology

The Portion Fix Eating Plan with a list of recommended foods and recipe ideas


The Portion Fix works with ANY Beachbody program

The Portion Fix was designed to work with any Beach body program, so you don’t have to learn a new complicated system if you switch programs. ( For a listing of some of our workouts click here). Or click the workout tab from the main page.


21 day fix containers

You will learn exactly how to create a well-balanced diet by including foods from each of your containers every day. And you’ll learn the how much of those foods to eat to achieve your goals. The good news is no you will not have to carry these containers with you forever, it will become so

Life is about enjoying food as well.  You’ll learn how to include treats in your diet so there is no deprivation. There are some yummy treats and bar recipes in the book.

Do I have to eat my food separately out of small containers?

The answer is no. The containers are simply there for measurement but its recommend whenever possible to use an actual plate to eat off of. The Portion Fix was designed to easily fit in your lifestyle – you can take them to work, school, vacation – anywhere you go.  All the guesswork about what and how much to eat is eliminated. Added bonus they are dishwasher safe too- easy clean up!

Even if you do not need to lose weight, we all can make changes to our diet and this program will help you maintain and stay on track.


How do I follow this program when I eat at a restaurant?

Great question. Now yes some people bring their containers with them. But you do not have to. You will learn very quickly what a serving of chicken or steak looks like. You will be able to use your judgement when you see the food on the plate. Best thing to do is ask for a carry out container from the start. That way whatever is EXTRA food you can take off your plate first and save it for later. And then enjoy your meal.

How much does it cost and how do I purchase the Portion Fix system if I think it’s a good fit for me?

Just click the link  for PORTION FIX

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