National Eating Disorder Awareness

National Eating Disorder Awareness

If you did not know, this week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. If you know me or follow me on social then you probably have heard me share my story. If you are new here, HEY GIRL, basically my freshman year in college I developed an eating disorder that almost took my life and I had to fight like hell for my health and life.

If you want more of the dirty details and background check it out here.

eating disorder awareness

It took me over 10 + years before I could share my past struggle because I was ashamed of it. Ive learned to accept it, embrace it and share it so I can help just one other person out there.

This was my FB post this week since it is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

anorexia recovery

It’s national eating disorder awareness week…

I’ve learned a lot
I’ve gained curves
I’ve gained strength 
I’ve developed muscle
I’ve gained wisdom

Most importantly I’m gained self love….💗

Health is so vital to me as this disease came close to taking it. Strength is so important to me as man I think the fight to survive was THEE hardest fight I’ve ever fought not just physically but mentally…

And I’ve learned you can have abs and be healthy doing it👌🏻

I learned a lot from young Jackie & my hope is that you see there is hope happiness & health for you too 😘


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Former teacher, turned full time Health & Fitness Coach, Fitness instructor, and blogger. Fitness helped me in overcoming an eating disorder and learning to LOVE my body. I spend my days helping woman gain confidence, learn to LOVE themselves, VALUE their health and realize their potential. I also help you style your new found confidence, for less! Let's connect & set you up for success and Let YOUR potential BLOOM!

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