When in doubt…..you were made for greatness

When doubt & overwhelm creep in, remember you were made for greatness…

I remember feeling like the biggest disappointment ….

I went to school to become a teacher. I had to sub for a while instead of landing a full time job. So I wondered Was I not good enough?

I got my masters and then moved to a state where I knew NO ONE but had a full time job. I transitioned within that job and found myself overwhelmed, stressed completely unhappy, and feeling like I didn’t sign up for this. Did I really get a masters for this…..again I must not be good enough.….

I left teaching and then was unemployed for a YEAR…a year!!!! I had a masters and no job….what a disappointment right? I really started to question my ability….

I floated from center to center for 2 years becoming more miserable, dreading work each day, feeling COMPLETELY guilty that
A – I was lucky to have a job yet I hated it
B- It sounded awful to say what my job was and that I was miserable. It was not the clientele but it was the job itself… I had so much self doubt it was suffocating……Am I cut out for anything?

All along I was building my coaching biz. I have failed forward in more ways than I can count. I have questioned my ability to be a leader, to inspire, to add value, to find vision, to allow myself to DREAM….

Today……I am happy. I am passionate. I am doing something that brings me complete joy. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I’ve learned to breathe without chest pains. I’ve learned to dream freely and DREAM BIG. I have learned that failing only makes you better. I have found something that makes me light up inside the way teaching once did. I KNOW I am helping others, my fitness groups and inbox is proof. I have learned that I am CAPABLE ??

If you are feeling like there must be something more…there is ….go find it….if you wonder if you have what it takes….you do…you just have not figured it out yet….if you feel guilty dreaming BIG out of the box dreams….DREAM even bigger….You are incredible, you are not a disappointment, and you were made for greatness?


jackie enos fitness coach


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Former teacher, turned full time Health & Fitness Coach, Fitness instructor, and blogger. Fitness helped me in overcoming an eating disorder and learning to LOVE my body. I spend my days helping woman gain confidence, learn to LOVE themselves, VALUE their health and realize their potential. I also help you style your new found confidence, for less! Let's connect & set you up for success and Let YOUR potential BLOOM!

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