Its Not About The Weight

Its Not about the WEIGHT

Stop focusing on the NUMBER of the scale, Stop focusing on the weight, and start focusing on the baby steps!

 stop focusing on the scale

For those who have followed me, you know my story with anorexia. Its been very FREEING to be able to share this with others. Well, yes I had to learn to EAT to LIVE, but it wasn’t easy. I was afraid of FOOD. It had a HOLD over me, so I understand why FOOD controls those who need to LOSE weight.

For me I had to gain weight. That was scary especially at that time. Below I share about how I was admitted into IN PATIENT TREATMENT for 3 weeks. I share how scared I was leaving the support and structure of the program. I had to do it all on MY OWN. I had to make the choice, one step, one meal at a time and make this WORK or…..death……..

The same is true for those I coach and mentor. The same is true for YOU if you are on a path and NEED to LOSE weight. Stop focusing on the weight or the NUMBER you need to lose. Stop standing on the scale daily. Focus on WHY you need to get healthy, and the steps you will take. Focus on one healthy meal at a time. Focus on getting 1 workout in each day. Focus on choosing the grilled chicken over the breaded chicken. Choose the salad over the pasta salad. Choose egg whites and toast over sugar loaded cereal. One step at a time. Stop focusing on the weight.

For more of my tips and what I had to do, which is exactly what you can do if you need to LOSE WEIGHT….click the video below:



Coffee Talk: Its NOT about the weight. How I made the choice t…Coffee TalkIt’s not about the weight , finding inspiration and take action! Hop on & share this video with your friends☕️

Posted by Jackie Enos Fitness on Monday, April 4, 2016


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