Hammer and Chisel – week 3 results

Hammer and Chisel- week 3 results

My 3 week progress photos using Hammer and Chisel Workout Program.

So my boyfriend and I are both doing the Hammer and Chisel workout together. We love it. It is a new challenge we were looking for. Its a nice mix of the Beast, Sagi Kalev and the Beauty, Autumn Calabrese fitness trainers. Together, they will get your booty into tip top shape.

So far I think Hammer and Chisel workout Chisel Balance is my favorite. It could be this kick ass move that you do off the bench. Its a booty builder for sure and it and it works your CORE….hello ABS! I am loving my week 3 results so far.

But seriously you feel like a total badass doing it.never give up

No worries, it is not as scary as it looks. ALSO if you do not have a bench or a sturdy chair there is a modification on how to do it on the floor.

I am feeling stronger in my upper body (I still have to use the assist for pull ups but I can do more than when I started).  I am noticing my legs are more defined and my upper body. Thanks to the hammer and chisel workout!

Here is my starting photo compared to my day 7 photo after 1 week of using Hammer and Chisel.

Hammer and Chisel 7 day results

I need to take new ones now that I completed 3 weeks!

Stronger- faster- leaner- happier and more results in just 3 weeks.

I highly recommend if you are used to working out and need something new to shake things up and add a new challenge, I suggest you give Hammer and Chisel a try too.

Stay tuned for more results in the coming weeks! I am working on getting CHISELED for our CRUISE!

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