Women Supporting Women

women supporting women

Why don’t more woman just support each other…

I’ve talked to many woman the past 2 weeks and a common theme is judgement

Heres my take:

You want babies or you don’t want babies I respect that.

You like dogs or you like cats I support you.

You want to get married or you don’t I respect that.

You like to lift or you hate to lift either is fine.

You send your kid to public school or you send them to private both are good choices.

You enjoy working out or you hate it, I support you.

Starbucks or Dunkin’ either way it’s coffee.

Real boobs or fake whatever makes you happy.

Homemade dinners or take out whatever feeds your family.

See my point? Life is hard enough so instead of pulling each other down to make you feel better why not support each other and both get lifted up?

Agree or disagree ?

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