Motivation or Sabotage

Motivation Or Self Sabotage?

Is that pair of pants holding you back?

You know that pair of tight black pants, those old t-shirts, that little black skirt…..

You have been holding on to one item or handfuls of clothes for months maybe even years. You keep telling yourself “Im keeping this as motivation to lose the weight.” But is it really motivation for you or is it sabotaging your sense of value and self love?

Ask yourself this, every time you see that article of clothing do you get excited like I AM GOING TO ROCK THIS AGAIN or do you instantly think negatively of yourself? Do you call yourself fat, a loser, and lose all hope of ever getting “smaller” again?

Then my dear you need to say BYE BYE to those clothes! See video below!

So here is the thing, if you follow me you know I love being stronger, having more muscles and definition and being able to lift heavy. And with gaining muscle and strength and curves means my tiny old clothes don’t fit the same way. I used to only do cardio. I had no shape. So sure the booty or waist doesn’t fit the same.

So I learned to get over a number on a scale and a number on a pair of pants. So as we head into the weekend I want you to go through your closet, your dresser or under the bed storage and find that dress, those pants or that pile. If it does not FUEL you then get rid of it.

Weight loss, strength & mindset is it really holding you back?

Are you holding on to those old or “smaller” clothes? 😬What effect can that have on Motivation & getting results?🤔Let’s chat🙋🏻‍♀️

Posted by Jackie Enos Fitness on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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