Make It Happen

Whether you have a natural inner drive…
Whether you have a deadline date (wedding, vacation)….

make it happen

Whatever it takes to make you wake up, push the excuses ( tired, sore, busy, family, work) aside and make your health and fitness happen….

The worst thing we do when we get busy or tired is put our health on the back burner. Stop it. Make yourself a priority. Make it happen!

You see by making yourself a priority first, you assure your health is optimal. When you are 100% you can then GIVE the best of you to your FAMILY, WORK, and Responsibilities. This is why you need to make it happen.

So if you have a busy work trip, or are attending your child’s field-trip or busy travel day, make sure to move your body first. It will release those feel good endorphins. It will allow the body to wake up. It will improve circulation and digestion. It will  allow you to be MORE productive on your busy day.

I coach many woman and men in monthly private accountability groups. Some of them, like me, have a natural inner drive to wake up and workout. Others need a specific date or event to motivate them to move. So look at your calendar. If you don’t have an upcoming wedding, vacation, ceremony or special event, create one. Sign up for a 5k race. This way you have a specific DEADLINE DATE. Now you ensure you will make it happen.

make it happenFind what works for you! Need more accountability with others JUST LIKE YOU? Let’s make it happen! Join my next virtual accountability group!


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Former teacher, turned full time Health & Fitness Coach, Fitness instructor, and blogger. Fitness helped me in overcoming an eating disorder and learning to LOVE my body. I spend my days helping woman gain confidence, learn to LOVE themselves, VALUE their health and realize their potential. I also help you style your new found confidence, for less! Let's connect & set you up for success and Let YOUR potential BLOOM!

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