What to do when you get discouraged with your fitness journey

What to do when you get discouraged with your fitness journey…..

fitness frustration

Ever get discouraged?
It’s so easy to see images on social of what we “want” to look like. It’s so easy to get frustrated when out the time in daily to our workouts, we choose healthy food and we still are not at that “look” 

Just remember the woman who wins GOLD in the Olympics has been training for years

The woman who won 1st place in a 👙 competition has been building her body for years not just the prep weeks.

So remind yourself of that the next time you finish training, wake up and look in the mirror, or step on a scale.

Anything worth achieving takes freaking time

So celebrate the small milestones you ARE achieving. Completing a new workout program. Lifting heavier weights than you did on week 1Running longer than you did on day 1  Being able to do all the jumps in a workout you could not in Month 1. All the healthy food you have added to your nutrition and the unhealthy habits you have kicked to the curb. 🍠🍟🍺

Those are ALL things to showcase your improvement and should remind you it is working!!! So stuck with it, give yourself some credit and pay yourself on the back for doing a great job and no matter what do not quit!

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