Is it too late to start lifting?

Is it too late to start lifting?


I didn’t start working on strength training until years after I began working out. I was the cardio queen. I still love it. But cardio didn’t shape my body. It didn’t empower me. Not the way lifting has.

I started slow. I started first with just using my own body weight. I later started by taking a total body lifting class at the gym and then progressed through each strength program I offer inside my fitness app!

It was hard in the begging. I was weak but I stuck with it. I wanted to see strength and change. I love how it makes me feel now. I love challenging myself. I used to do plyo pushups years ago , as you can tell it’s been a while. Something new to work on for 2019.

I wouldn’t have stuck with lifting if I didn’t have support. So if you need support in your workouts or simply to get your nutrition under control because doing it on your own isn’t working, than let’s team up babe, I got you💝

Strength Training Benefits

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Former Elementary Special Ed Teacher turned full time Online Health & Fitness Coach. Fitness helped me in overcoming an eating disorder and learning to LOVE my body. With new found confidence, and hard work I left teaching to become a FULL TIME coach, fitness instructor & trainer. I spend my days helping woman gain confidence, learn to LOVE themselves, VALUE their health & feel amazing. Let's connect so we can set you on the right path and Let YOUR potential BLOOM!

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