Gym Struggles

Gym Struggles

Have you ever walked into a gym without a plan? Do you see others walk in and look lost? Do you take random fitness classes and still not feel like you are getting the results you want?

I did that for years. You know I am a cardio queen so I’d run  6 miles then take a step class & some days a dance 💃🏻 class and I hate dancing

The next day I would run  & take a total body lifting class  I would never use the strength machines or step foot in the big gym area. I’d sometimes do added abs in the small ladies gym. Yes I built strength & stamina but I wasn’t happy with where I was at. Because my body was training the same muscles in the same way over and over and neglecting other areas.

The beauty of the workouts in my fitness groups is they are well rounded. So you are not just doing cardio every day or just training your whole body at once. Some days may combine a few muscle groups and others you focus on one muscle group. There is balance. Plus a gym does not teach you how to eat.

I see the same people on the same elliptical for the past 4 years and they look worse than they did 4 years ago or they look the same. No it’s not about what you look like, but if you are going to put in the effort to show up, and spend time you might as well make it count in the gym/ home gym and the kitchen.

Do you have a plan?

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