2019 Routine

2019 Routine

Its January 2,2019!

Its a brand new year and today means back to work for many people. You may have felt the struggle when the early morning alarm went off today. Perhaps you decided to make your health a priority this year and it may have been a struggle for you to push play or head to the gym so early in the morning. KEEP GOING. It will get easier. It will become habit. It will become something you enjoy. But nothing worth having comes easy.

That is why I love running my Virtual Fit Groups because its so much easier to succeed when you have support, the correct tools, accountability and someone coaching you along the way. PLUS its way more fun doing it along with other woman just like you. So if you are on a mission to live 2019 healthier than 2018. If you are tired of starting and stopping. If you are ready to commit then why not set your self up for success and have fun doing it?

Come join my January 13th Transform Yo Life group. Ill be doing our new 20 minute Cardio and Strength program. I have some fabulous ladies who will be joining us too. No fancy equipment and no excuse on time. I go over things in the group to help you succeed. We work on mindset and focusing on positives verse negatives especially when it comes to self talk (ladies you know we can be the worst)! I talk about personal development and how its truly changed my thinking, life, goals, visions and routine. Its helped many of my fit club members too. The more good you put in, the more good you get out.

Here are my daily morning routines that help me stay focused on living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Remember I started some place. I have grown in my routine overtime. So just start.

  • I don’t go to bed late. Most nights I am in bed by 10pm
  • I wake up early and most days before 5am
  • I start my morning with water and some motivational podcast even a 5 minute one as I allow my brain to wake up and set the intention for my day
  • I always start with a workout. Once its done its done. And it gives me energy for my day
  • While I workout or on the way to gym and home I listen to personal development either a podcast or audio book or training course I may be in at the time.
  • Once I return home (days I workout at a gym) or exit my makeshift home gym then I check in with my fit group members, respond to social media and emails. But I take care of ME first.
  • The first meal of the day is always full of veggies and protein.
  • I follow a more intermittent fasting schedule so I eat late morning or early afternoon.

What are some routines you follow that set the tone for your day and allow you to live healthy and happy?

Here was todays leg workout at the gym. Just the basic movements increasing weight and decreasing reps. You can find more workouts like this one inside my virtual bootcamp. So what are ya waiting for?

Let’s achieve our 2019 routine together.

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