Its all about Mindset

Today’s Lesson: Its all about Mindset

What you think you believe, what you believe is what you do.

This is true in all areas of life but since I work with clients on their health and fitness, I am going to focus on that.

Many of my challengers are not brand new to fitness, however it may be 20 years since they really had an intense workout aside from moderate walking. They usually come to me at a point in their life where they have no self confidence. They are so uncomfortable in their own skin, they have tried several avenues and nothing has stuck with lasting results. They are so used to bad habits and comfort food. They lack a support system at home. They lack belief in themselves that they will STICK with the program we choose to best fit their needs and belief that it will work for them.

If you start anything with a negative attitude, you will produce negative results.

So how do you combat that.

  1. Have positive quotes near you so you are constantly hit with positive thoughts
  2. Find an accountability partner or group (join one of my my accountability challenge groups)
  3. Set realistic goals that are specific
  4. Celebrate even the smallest achievements (choosing veggies over fries or skipping the cookie)
  5. Focus on Progress not Perfection
  6. Start each morning with 3 things you like about yourself or are proud of yourself for.

So no matter what it is you are trying to achieve, do it with the right mindset and you will have a healthier happier outcome.



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