Choices, Action Steps and Progress

Choices + Action = Progress

Choices = Actions

Everyday we have choices to make.
To get out of bed or not.
To hit snooze or not to hit snooze.
What clothes to wear.
Eat breakfast or skip it.
Make breakfast or fast food line.
Workout or not workout.
Change your food choices or not.
Stay in your job or change career paths.
So clearly we make choices. Daily. Some important and some minor.
The impact of those choices is if we take action steps.
Just saying you want to lose weight is a thought. Buying a workout program is an action. Doing the workout for even 5 days is positive action.
Saying you want to eat healthier is also a thought. Choosing healthier food options over the sugar, high glycemic, high fat, fried foods is an action.
Beginning a new healthier eating plan or lifestyle is a positive action step.
I hear from so many of you that you WANT to join my next online fitness challenge group but you are AFRAID to FAIL
Starting a fitness program and going strong for 2 weeks and then falling off track for a few days is not FAILING
Starting a new meal plan, rocking it for 5 days and falling off is not FAILING
Starting the coaching opportunity and slacking come week 3 is not FAILING
Refocus on WHY u started to begin with.
What goal did you want to achieve?
How did you feel those first few days, weeks?
Just pick back up, refocus and restart. That is a choice and an action.
No action=No fear=no progress
Action= some fear= PROGRESS
What do you choose?

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