Acheive Goals-Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

How to achieve your goals?

Can I just express how important it is to not give up on your goals, dreams or vision….yes there will be peaks and valleys. But you grow so much more during those valleys and come out stronger to climb the next peak.

Never give up was last years Coach Summit theme and its the story of my life. My whole life I have been that late bloomer. Having to really get my feet wet, learn, grow and then blossom when I am ready. In some ways I like it like that. I like a challenge. I like that when I do find success its so rewarding because I know I worked my butt off for it. It wasn’t handed to me, it was passion, drive and determination that earned it.

Never give up on yourself.…whether it is a business goal, a life goal, a financial goal or fitness goal. If you want it to happen bad enough you will stop at nothing to see it come to fruition. It may take a little hard work, sweat and tears, but it will happen. It almost always requires us to step OUTSIDE of our Comfort Zone to get there. But that just means we get another chance to grow a little more, gain a little more confidence and spread our wings a bit wider.

I promise you the time you put towards your goal is sooo worth it. I never thought a shy, totally self conscious girl from Rhode Island would be leading group fitness classes or running a fitness biz helping others live healthier happier lives. A seed was planted, a dream was formed and a passion grew beyond my comprehension to make it my reality.

So go back to your goal with a fresh pair of lenses. Write down your WHY…and just go for it with all the passion and determination you have. Its going to take a little getting used to but once you get comfortable being uncomfortable….the sky is the limit!

NEVER GIVE UP. Step outside your comfort zone and welcome the joys and blessings that are sure to follow….

step outside comfort zone

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