How to RUN your BIZ


How to RUN your BIZ and stay ORGANIZED

  1. Scheduling your day

  2. How to Share Product LINKS so YOU get credit- Coaching Code

  3. How to create a facebook group

  4. How to manage your FB groups

  5. How to use a google doc and create a google form

  6. How to use Acuity Scheduling

  7. How to create a MARKETING PLAN

How to run Challenge Groups


  2. 3 best ways to INVITE to a challenge group

  3. Challenge Invite Script

  4. How to RUN successful fitness groups

  5. How to be a TOP challenge pack seller

  6.  21 day guide


How to get COACHES to join your TEAM

1.) 7 minutes on how to CLOSE

2.) 4 Question script to CLOSE

3.) How to recruit SUCCESSFUL people to your TEAM – Will you go for it, or stay on the run way?