How to stay fit through the Holidays

How to stay fit through the Holidays


So Thanksgiving just passed. You knew some basics tips and you meant to follow them but let’s be honest once you hit the buffet the smells from your families famous comfort dishes took over. At that point you said screw it I already wrecked my plan might as well go all out on dessert!

This is what you meant to follow…..and didn’t execute

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All is not lost

The holidays are full of temptations. Social events, parties, baked goods galore. What you need is a plan that allows you to enjoy SOME of the holiday treats but not wreck the hard work you already have put in place OR push you further from the new goals you just set out to achieve.

How to survive the Holidays you need:

  • A proven nutrition plan
  • A detailed total body workout schedule
  • Accountability
  • Support
  • Tools to teach you HOW to FUEL your body right
  • Tools to teach you how to ENJOY a treat and not eat the Whole Cake
  • You need to INVEST in your HEALTH if you truly want to stick to your GOALS and Break the vicious cycle of past holidays

I can give you all of that. Not only can I give you that….I will be doing it right along side you.

If learning how to eat right is what you need than I have a proven 21 day system that I follow and has helped countless of my clients lose weight, learn to live a healthier lifestyle and learn how to eat FOR LIFE.

If you need to follow a detailed meal guide but need more strength/stretch/ and flexibility than PIYO is hands down the program for you. (Its on sale and comes with my secret superfood SHAKEOLOGY until November 30)

If you first want to get rid of the Thanksgiving pounds, cleanse out your system and then begin than the Piyo Kickstart is the way to go. You get everything you get with PIYO (workout+meal guide+ shakeology….BUT you also get the 3 Day Refresh at a ridiculously reduced price)

If you just want to cleanse your system and then maintain or continue that weight loss than the 3 Day refresh is for you.

Now I run a monthly group every month and have a large accountability group I roll over members each month. If you want to really achieve those goals remember you need accountability and support… get both and sooo much more in my group. Others just like you, busy with life, obstacles, temptations, families, work and still making time to live a healthier life. What better support than that! Plus you have my 24/7 free coaching along the entire journey.

If you are ready to get started NOW so you can establish some healthy habits

Get rid of some UNHEALTHY habits

Begin a fitness program so you have a plan to follow right through and after the holidays

A proven nutrition supplement to help curb cravings, lose weight, increase energy (you need that around the holidays) and makes you feel better from the inside out.

There is no right or wrong plan…It is based off what YOUR needs, wants, likes, and goals are.

So ask yourself am I worth it?

Do I want to feel my best this holiday season?

How good will it feel to enter the new year without the usual guilt?

If you are ready to commit to either 3 days (3 day refresh)

21 days (21 day fix)

or save over the next 2 days (piyo and Piyo kick start) T

hen simply click the name above of the Program right for you and let’s get you started.

Be sure to also friend request me on FACEBOOK to be added to my accountability groups or contact me today.


You are Worth it

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