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Todays lesson: You dont need high impact to get results


Do you ever feel sore, tired or run down after weeks, months, or even years of pushing the body and literally beating it up in your workouts? Ill be the firs to admit I love HIIT training or going to a relatively long run. While it gives us a thrill and challenges the body to improve in endurance, strength and speed, it can also leave the body bruised and open to injury.

I am my own worst enemy when it comes to stretching. I tell my challengers and my students you MUST stretch, but I barely take 5 minutes myself. What is the unfortunate result. My feet take a pounding, my legs build up lactic acid and become stiff and I have decreased my range of flexibility.

THANK goodness for PIYO.

The creator of PIYO, Chalene Johnson designed this program years ago when she was just too bored in a yoga and pilates class and couldn’t sit still. She knew she needed to increase her flexibility, work on stretching and leaning out the body but also wanted to fuel her need for some cardio to keep the heart rate up AND strengthen the body at the same time. And she didn’t have 3 hours to tackle each one separately. BOOM PIYO was BORN!

I have recently gotten certified in the group class format. It has been extremely helpful already as I practice the routine. Its not so slow that I am bored and yet it still challenges my body. I have noticed a difference and I am not even teaching it yet or doing it daily.

Piyo class workout clip

BUT the home version is on a DIFFERENT LEVEL. Why? Well in a gym format, you cant be sure if its someones first day or thousandth class. Will they be back tomorrow or a month from now? So you cant go into as much depth as you want. But in the home program you can. Now yes there are very very beginners to super athletes who will be doing this program, so its created with a cast who all have different skill levels. Plus there is always a super modifier to watch and follow.

I cannot wait for you all to try this program with me in a couple weeks EEKKK!

If you want to be notified of when its available to order click on this email notifier if you have not already 🙂 Will you join me in gaining strength, and flexibility? Ps. Chalene’s abs have never looked better at 45 years old!

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