Muscle and Fat

Ive been getting lots of questions and posts in my challenge group around this topic.

First, lets clear the air and the the Myth that Muscle weighs more than Fat. A pound is a pound. Muscle is more dense than fat but it takes up LESS space than fat does. Check out the image below if you are like me and are a visual learner.



The questions my challengers are bringing up is because they have been adding in a lot more strength training than ever before they are doing Body Beast and Hammer and Chisel so strength training is the focus of their workouts. They are losing FAT and gaining MUSCLE so their bodies are changing.

The scale will go up some. That is normal. They are not gaining weight, they are gaining MUSCLE. Their booties are higher and tighter, their quads are stronger and firmer, their biceps are fuller and more defined. They are looking SEXY and STRONG but they are just focusing on the scale.

SCREW the SCALE ladies, seriously. Yes muscle tends to hold onto water. Yes the scale may increase but if you compare your starting photo to a photo after you have been strength training then you can clearly see the amazing difference.

For years I let that number define me. For years I let it control my life and it almost ended my life. I rarely step on the scale anymore. I let pictures and progress photos tell me my progress. I love how strong I feel now. I can pump out push ups like never before. I can do assisted pull-ups and chin-ups that I once could not do.

Strength training SHAPES your body. If that is your goal to add SHAPE and make it Stronger than start to lift. If you have been lifting and want to LEAN out  NUTRITION is KEY . I also recommend using a lighter weight and higher reps.

So please stop saying Muscle Weighs more than Fat. Don’t be afraid to lift some IRON and challenge your body and strength in new ways. If you are looking for support id love to add you to my groups with dozens of others all seeking the same goals you are.

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