iFIT- Get fit from your phone fitness challenge

Get fit from your phone

Yes I am serious. Think about it. You google workout moves, you scan pinterest for ideas and NOW you can get a WHOLE workout, correction over a DOZEN workouts on your phone, laptop or tablet. Literally any device that hooks up to the internet.

I am super excited to find 10 luck people to join my first ever on demand TEST GROUP for my iFIT Challenge. You can choose one program and follow that particular workout program or a hybrid between differnt workout programs. You can mix Shaun T & Chalene Johnson or Mix Tony Horton & Chalene Johnson or how about Beauty and the Beast and mix the Body Beast himself Sagi with Chalene Johnson? SO many options PLUS bonus sneak peaks into our top programs. Fitness possibiliies are endless!!!!

Not only do you get access to these workouts  but you get their meal plans, or create a customized meal plan, a months worth of shakeology, access to thousands of recipes, advice from the trainers, bonus features and extra ab workouts.

OR you can choose one program and just follow that programs workout calendar.

Im pretty psyched especially for those of you who are AVID GYM GOERS!

Why not use the weights at the gym and do beast, p90x, chalene extreme or a sample from the fix?

I know beach body is cool like that.

Literally you are getting $1000 worth of programs for a super low price, CRAZY! Plus you can take it when you travel for business, or vacation (not all hotels have a gym), or to the gym or to a park (insanity uses no equipment) so really you can use this feature anywhere.

Check it out!


If you are ready to join the CLUB and join our iFIT challenge then click here

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