Health Bet Challenge

Lose Weight & Get Paid For It

Sounds too good to be true right? WRONG.

We feel SO strongly about helping people make healthy changes that we are going back to school in a big way…..getting more people back on track and paying them for it.

What if I told you that in the month of September you could not only lose 5-15lbs, feel better, healthier and happier – but also literally get paid for it?

I’m not talking coaching others or working a business, just doing these things, every day for 30 days:

1. Working out 30 minutes a day
2. Drinking Shakeology
And getting a cut of 1- 3 MILLION DOLLARS for doing so.

health bet

Not a joke. Not a scheme. No catch. This is for real. Are you in?

You can literally earn your way to health.

Lose Weight Get Paid.

Seriously to dedicate 30 minutes of activity to yourself each day.

To fuel your body with top notch dense nutrition once a day (and take a pic of it) and share it to our private app and do this for 1 month and BAM you earn a huge piece of the jackpot.

You will have money for the new clothes you will need after losing the weight. You can treat yourself to a spa day, pedicure or massage for putting your health first.

Can you imagine?  Lose weight get paid. We kick off right after the Holiday!

Email me here with subject line – “I want in the health bet” and I will send you all the details!

You have nothing to LOSE and everything to GAIN

Health Bet Challenge

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Former teacher, turned full time Health & Fitness Coach, Fitness instructor, and blogger. Fitness helped me in overcoming an eating disorder and learning to LOVE my body. I spend my days helping woman gain confidence, learn to LOVE themselves, VALUE their health and realize their potential. I also help you style your new found confidence, for less! Let's connect & set you up for success and Let YOUR potential BLOOM!

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