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Accountability Is What Sets Team Beachbody Apart!

Its amazing how much times have changed. So much is done online, behind screens. But its a way we stay connected, find new common bonds, establish friendships and its a way as a Beachbody community we bond.

This is a unique time in history, where relationships are cultivated while sitting alone in a room at a keyboard. Some of my dearest friendships that I’ve developed in the past few years have begun in this way and if I hadn’t experienced it, I might be more than just a bit skeptical. Can you “hug” an email? Can you really call someone a friend whom you’ve never seen face-to-face? Some might say no, but that would not be someone who’s truly experienced the power of the Beachbody Coaching community!

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Have you ever started something new, a workout, a hobby, a new eating style and felt alone? Have you ever had a great idea, yet those closest to you didn’t understand it or support it?

That is what is amazing about beachbody and what sets us apart. In our private fitness groups (I run mine through our private app) we are all on the same mission. To live healthier and fitter lives. We support each other on our own journeys.  A “Virtual Fitclub” is what we call them.

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We live in different states, different time zones, our family sizes vary, as do our lifestyles. We have different religions, different backgrounds, some work doing manual labor, some crunch numbers for big companies, and some like me  teach, and some are stay at home moms. It doesn’t matter. What draws us together is the common goal of weight loss, reclaiming our health, gaining strength mentally and physically and going through it …TOGETHER.

When someone drops back in participation because life gets the better of them, the community will reach out, check on them and encourage them back on track. Its a safe place to come back to; where successes are celebrated and backsliding is forgiven. Every Virtual Group brings new friends into my life, and because we go through something so personal as weight loss together, bonds are created and in some cases, life long friendships are made.

Yes, if you workout consistently and eat well consistently you WILL get results. But when you add the third cord to that system – the cord of accountability & support– not only will you see the odds of getting results climb, but you’ll feel a part of something and are more likely to stick with it. Something new, something good, something that will make fitness and healthy eating a lifestyle and not just a passing phase. Plus with hundreds of workouts you will never ever get bored!

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That’s the magic of my VIRTUAL FIT CLUBS. People need people, and with my Virtual Fitclubs  for accountability you WILL cross the goal line. And you’ll do so linking arms with those who ran the race with you! ☺

SIGN ME UP To Join A Virtual Fit Club!




I can’t wait to work with you Babe!!!  XOXO Jackie

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Former teacher, turned full time Health & Fitness Coach, Fitness instructor, and blogger. Fitness helped me in overcoming an eating disorder and learning to LOVE my body. I spend my days helping woman gain confidence, learn to LOVE themselves, VALUE their health and realize their potential. I also help you style your new found confidence, for less! Let's connect & set you up for success and Let YOUR potential BLOOM!

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