PIYO- Everyone needs flexibility no matter how strong

Today’s lesson- everyone needs PIYO

Many of you have been following my email newsletters and hearing about PIYO. Some of you are in my upcoming facebook group about it starting in July. I wanted to share some updated information on this HOT new program. 2014-04-14 04.27.45 Here are things you may be wondering: Who is the fitness trainer? Chalene Johnson who also created turbofire, turbojam, chalene extreme and gym classes such as Turbokick, Piyo and Hip Hop Hustle Who is this program for? EVERYONE!!! Runners– this program helps prevent future injuries Lifters– you need flexibility Never worked out – Increase your cardiovascular health and flexibility

Non yoga fans and yoga fans with all love it.

One of my fellow beach body coaches was actually in the official TEST group ( separate from my test group kicking off July 9). He is a runner, used to doing HIIT workouts, running long distances and lifting. He was NOT flexible. He wasn’t sure what to make of this program but was excited for the opportunity. Within the first 4 weeks he lost 10 pounds and tons of inches. He is wearing shirts that used to be tight on him. Based on his videos, I can see a big difference in his face too. And he can move and do things his body would never have been able to do before. He gained strength AND Flexibility. 2014-05-28 15.01.48 So many of you may think you need to be LIFTING HEAVY or RUNNING at a fast pace to break a good sweat. Not true. You WILL get the heart rate up with PIYO and you WILL gain Strength by using your own body weight. Members of the cast have shared how they were dripping sweat and didn’t even leave their mat! If you would like to be the first to be notified when in JUNE this program is released just click the EMAIL NOTIFIER below and add your email! www.PiYoTBB.com?referringRepId=203014   As of today there are only 19 days left before its released to the public through a beach body coach. Dont miss out. piyo 19 days countdown

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