21 Day Fix Extreme Results

21 Day Fix Extreme Results

If you have followed me, you know last year in February 2014 I started the 21 day fix when it first launched. Mind changing. I realized I was eating too much fruit. I also realized my portion sizes were a bit off. I started living by this lifestyle. Its not a diet but truly a way of living. You change your mindset, you change your body. I had great results. I felt fabulous. I loved coaching new people monthly through this program and watching their results happen. Some lost 7 lbs others 21 lbs. They cannot believe how good they feel. I know that feeling,

SO I was freaking EXCITED to say the least when beach body launched the new 21 Day Fix Extreme version. Not only is this great for those who graduated the 21 day fix OR for those who are used to eating really clean and doing extreme workouts like P90X and Insanity. I loved that this program got rid of the treats and the WINE….sorry I am not a drinker but I loved the new challenge this would present to others.

Not only is there an EXTREME meal plan option, there is a COUNT DOWN TO COMPETITION plan as well. It does not mean you have to compete, but if you really want to rid your body of sugar, lose the bloat, lean out and see what you can achieve in just 21 days then this is the plan for you. Perfect before the beach, a cruise, vacation, event or wedding!

So I will be honest my first attempt I failed. I eat low carb to begin with. I usually have one fruit a day. Day 1 I ate a fruit totally forgetting. I also had some of my boyfriends tortilla chips. Yea I am NOT PERFECT….it was all a mental battle. I was more focused on what I could NOT have instead of what I COULD have and what I REALLY craved.  SO I started over, planned out my food, shopped off my list, meal prepped and was ready to go.


First of all I loved eating more protein. Second cheat….I could not eat that many servings of fish so I rated out 99% ground turkey or chicken, grilled chicken breast, cod, tilapia and one night did have a small grass fed flank steak. I ate mostly greenbeans and broccoli, I gave up my yummy carrots but traded them for sweet bell peppers and bell peppers I could not get enough. I ate  sweet potato for my carb and I did not give up my shakeology for the 21 days.


I love the new workouts. I got bored eventually with the old ones. Yes you still use weights in most workouts in the extreme but I increased my weights, and added in the plyo, lunges, going deeper, focused more on balance, lifted, tightened, strengthened and 21 days later my body looked better than ever.


Its just 30 minutes a day for 21 days- EVERYONE HAS TIME FOR THAT

So here are my results. Now for those who tell me you were already fit or in shape, my goal was not to drop 10lbs. I wanted to define my core more, and I did, I wanted to increase my strength, I did, I wanted a challenge, I got it. I recommend this to anyone who wants that little extra. SO I only lost a few lbs, I leaned out my thighs and waist. So I was happy with those inches gone. So take a look for yourself, what do you think?


fix extreme results




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