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Why Shakeology and These Programs?

The Premise of THE FAVOR is that you will use The 21 Day Fix or 22 Minute Hard Corp and Shakeology for 30 days at no risk to you.

The Main reason I LOVE these programs is they are based off KEY nutrition and PORTION CONTROL. From my experience, nutrition is key! Knowing what to eat and how much of it to eat. My fitness groups have lost up to 30 pounds following the simple nutrition system. BONUS the workouts are only 22-30 minutes a day, thats it. No more hours in a gym needed.

To truly change your health, you must address nutrition, activity level, and supplementation. The ONLY thing I have found to do that is the 21 Day Fix or 22 Minute Hard Corp with SHAKEOLOGY.

In all reality, what I say will pale in comparison to the information in the videos below. Please check it out for more info on the programs and shakeology:


Who’s Doing These Programs?


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