How to rewick your candles

How to re-wick your candles

how to rewick candles

How many candles do you have wear the wick has burnt down and left you with a jar or wax? I have half a dozen. With a little DIY I learned how to re-wick my candles and now I can enjoy them!

Before I share how I did a super quick DIY I wanted to share with you some of my fave candles.

The absolute best  are the volcano scent from Capri Blue. I prefer the white jars for my home or pink for my office but comes in lots of jar colors and sizes.






capri blue volcano



From Bath & Bodyworks my fave that I can’t find anymore is called Gather. I also love Spiced Chestnut and Welcome Home.


fall decor





fall scented candles







I have this one in my office and it smells heavenly

pink candles


See office makeover 



We have a few of these around the house too





Here are the two items I used to re-wick my old candles








  1. Step 1 -place candle on candle warmer (remove candle lid) and let the wax melt
  2. Step 2- once melted insert 2 new wicks
  3. Step 3- to keep the wicks standing up straight
  4. Step 4- remove from heat and let the wax harden
  5. Step 5- once the candle is solid again, trim the new wick
  6. Step 6- light and enjoy your candle again



rewick candle




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